Rental prices
And additional services

Weekend or weekly rentals

Weekend 450€-700€
Week 850€-2300€
The rental price is affected by the desired time.
Ask for more or make a reservation!

Bed linen 20 € / set. Final cleaning 170 €.
Fishing permits on request, 15 € / week per person.

Aluminum boat Tracker,
Suzuki 4 stroke engine = 300 € / week / 150 € / wknd.
Rowing boat free of charge.
Possibility to rent outboard engines (4-5hp).

Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla hinnasto

Additional services

Recreation and nearby activities

Recreation and nearby activities

125€ – week
75€ – wknd
200€ – 2 boards / week
120€ – 2 boards / wknd
400€ – weekend
Ask for a quote for the whole week!

Movable and elegant old fashioned hot tub for 10-12 people. Lempi outdoor pool is not like other hot tubs, but it brings a new kind of luxury to every evening and peaceful moment. The pool heats itself up to the right temperature without monitoring with an automatic fuel driven heater! No need to worry about firewood.

The pool is delivered pre-cleaned and filled with water.

Lempi allas helppokäyttöinen palju
300€ / Week
150€ / weekend

Also available:
Suvi 440 – 5hp 4-stroke engine
Buster sun – 4hp 4-stroke engine
Ask for a quote!
Villa Heponiemi is centrally located in Lake Finland and there is a lot to see and do in the surrounding area.


Partakoski harbor is just 15 mins boat/jetski ride away from cottage. Food shop, eating + drinking, petrol. Some saturdays live music.

Fishing trips

Alpine skiing

Action and adventure

Water park