a high-standard Log House
on the shore of lake Saimaa

a high-standard Log House
on the shore of lake Saimaa

Experience the beauty and tranquility of Lake Saimaa in a modern villa

Villa Heponiemi can accommodate up to 15 people

There are not many places in Finland that are as comfortable as this one. At least those who enjoy wonderful lakeviews and open spaces think so.
The high and finalized quality of Kontio Aamunkajo -villa combined with the unique setting of Saimaa’s waterbody gives you everything you can dream of. What’s risky about the breathtaking view in Heponiemi is, that you might never ever want to leave.
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla

Peaceful nature with all modern facilities

Even a vacationer of the digital age will enjoy this well-equipped log cabin. In this perfect equipment, there are satellite channels, digital television and WiFi access for 20 devices.
In the kitchen you can find all modern machines. For laundry there is a washing machine as well as a drying cabinet. There are 2 toilets.
All the rooms are beautifully furnished and decorated by an interior designer. To maximize your comfort in our villa, we have taken everything possible into consideration.

Surfaces placed in the year 2016

In year 2016 there were made significant improvements. The floors of the main building and the sauna building were renewed. In addition, the kitchen and sauna were fixed as well as the indoor surfaces. Also the logs were renewed. Children’s playground got updated as well.
Villa Heponiemi - Master bedroom
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla

Four bedrooms and more than enough of space

From the window of the bright living room there is a wonderful view straight to the Great-Saimaa.
The spacious and safe loft works well as a sleeping place and for children to play in.
In addition to the wide lounge in downstairs there are also a large open kitchen, the main bedroom, bathroom, both WC’s, washing machine and the drying cabinet.
The evening sun -terrace makes it possible to enjoy the sunlight on long unforgettable summer evenings. You can also feel and see the last bits of sun rays in this terrace right before the sun sets fully.
The fourth bedroom is in the same building as the sauna.
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla aurinkoterassi
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla

Authentic wooden sauna in a separate building

One of the best things about the Kontio Aamunkajo -villa is the absolutely authentic wooden sauna. Special attention has been paid to the sauna’s magnificent benches and spacious living areas inside and on the outdoor terrace.

a boat dock, stunning outdoor terrains and lots of fun for kids

Right outside of the building we have made a place where you will experience unforgettable moments by the flaming fire. There are 3 types of large grills (gas, carbon and wood) on which you can cook your food.
For chilling there are terraces both in the villa building and in the sauna building. The dock in Heponiemi works also well, not only for chilling, but for swimming and boating as well. The outdoor terrains are naturally unique and loved by both mushroom and berry pickers.
The villa is a place of enjoyment for children also. You can find them a swing, a slide and a trampoline. So there is something for everyone in addition to swimming and outdoor activities. In the parking lot we have a charging station for electric cars.
Heponiemen Villa - Vuokramökki Saimaalla laituri, vene ja hiekkaranta

In Villa Heponiemi you might get the best sleep of your life!

In March 2021 we updated the Heponiemi Villa beds with Familon Pro beds where the lenghts of different sleeps have been taken into consideration. These beds are supportive enough to carry a longer sleeper and are suitable for all body types.

And that's not all!

For a small extra pay you can also use the tub outside, the boat, the SUP board and a lot more.
Our cooperation partner also arranges guided fishing trips.

Location and equipment

Villa Heponiemi is located on the shores of scenic Lake Saimaa, in Mikkeli.

The main building

Living room:
  • Big fireplace
  • A view to the evening terrace and to the beach
  • A table for eight
Master bedroom:
  • Queen Size bed
  • TV
  • Double doors to the terrace
Bedroom 2:
  • Beds for two – width 90cm (possibility to combine into a double bed)
Bedroom 3:
  • Beds for two – width 90cm (possibility to combine into a double bed)
Bedroom 4:
  • Beds for three – width 90cm
Sanitary facilities:
  • 2 x WC
  • Bathroom
  • sun terrace

Beach sauna

  • Authentic wooden sauna
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Terrace
  • Lakeviews

In addition

  • Charging station for electric cars
  • Swimming and boating dock
  • Barbecue area
  • Hot-Tub (extra charge)
  • Slide
  • Trampoline
  • Swing
  • Bicycle parking 2 adult bikes 1 children’s bike